Cedar is a form of coniferous tree. Cedar wood is generally useful for shakes and shingles due to its quality. Cedar shingles are the most aesthetically appealing shingles available on the market today. Homeowners frequently chose cedar because of its long lasting nature and beauty.

Cedar shingles are used widely across varied climatic conditions because these are naturally resistant to the elements. It is one of the most elegant wood siding options for homeowners who are going to renovate their properties.

If you are going to purchase cedar to your shakes and shingles, you might like to consider several factors

Fire Resistance

Cedar wood is not fire proof. So purchase cedar wood that has been pressure treated. Cedar woods that are pressure treated are fire resistant.


The price for cedar shakes and shingles can vary between $60 to $250 per sq.ft. Cedar wood that has been pressure treated is a little bit costly rather than normal cedar.

You should always buy pressure treated cedar wood. It will cost you more but it will ensure you that you will be safe if you find fire.

Type of Cedar

Red cedar is the most typical kind of cedar wood that is used for shakes and shingles. Red cedar isn't only durable; it may also withstand a specific temperature and climates.